Purple Rain Falling

Today I am grateful for the chance to see my friend Betsy and for the music Prince created over his lifetime.

Prince died yesterday at the age of 57. As fans traveled to his Paisley Park estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota, the rain and sun were intermittent. And then this happened:

A rainbow over Paisley Park seemed fitting in so many ways. He was not only a musical legend, he was a local Minnesotan and locals came out in droves to pay their respects. Whether you cared for his music or not, he was influential and interesting and left a tremendous legacy.

His music from the 1980's and the movie "Purple Rain" are my favorites, including:
                                                          "Purple Rain"
                                                          "I Would Die 4 U"
                                                          "Let's Go Crazy"
                                                          "Raspberry Beret"

These songs and the movie were from my late teens and early twenties, both a difficult and exciting time in my life. When "1999" came out in 1983, it seemed futuristic and far away. Now we are 17 years past it, I am 50, and Prince died young at 57.

Songs. Rainbows. A famous person memorialized. They all give me reason to pause and ponder. R.I.P. Prince. And to the rest of us still here today: Live the day fully. Tell those you love that you do.
Leave your mark in good ways. We all matter.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I was so sad to hear that Prince died. I didn't follow his music closely, but I felt connected to him, as did so many Minnesotans. (I still consider myself a Minnesotan). I saw that rainbow photo on the news and it seemed so fitting, as did the rain yesterday. I am grateful for the music Prince brought to the world too. I am grateful for the power of music, period. Your last paragraph is just beautiful. Thank you.


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