A Birthday Rhyme for My Love

Today I am grateful for my husband Darcy. I am also grateful for the
many steps my body is able to take every day.

Happy birthday to Darcy!  I am going to have some fun
with this little rhyme I composed just for him:

Today my husband Darcy turns fifty-one
There will be birthday kisses, wishes, and cake before the day is done

We found you a gift you wanted dear
And had it delivered right here

But you are the one who is a gift to us
My gratitude for you could fill a bus

Father, provider, grandfather, husband, a true partner to me
Running buddy, confidant, forgiver of flaws, able to just "let it be"

Yes, you are quite predictable in ways
But you never cease to lighten and brighten our days

Happy birthday older and wiser one
Wishing you many more--a long run

I love you. Enjoy your day!