Holly Holy

Today I am grateful to hear the sounds of our dog Oliver eating and coffee brewing. I also
appreciate hearing good music.

Last week when I saw my friend Jenny, we talked about her sister Susan who died from cancer at age 63 earlier this year. Jenny said Susan liked music a lot. When I asked her what artists, she mentioned Neil Diamond. I told her I was a big fan of him as well.

Then, Jenny asked me what songs of his I liked. Holly Holy was the one that came to mind. That just happened to be a favorite of Susan's too, and Jenny had found comfort in listening to it.The next day, I listened to Holly Holy a couple times and have listened to it a few times since.

I never knew Susan, but I know Jenny, and I know this song connects us all in some way, a way deeper than can be put in to words.

Listen to it here. See the lyrics and the pondering face of Neil Diamond. I love the way the tempo builds and changes. I appreciate the spiritual nature and gospel music inspiration in it. Then listen to this live version and watch Diamond.

I don't know which version moves me more.

Sing a song today, out loud or in your heart. Sing a song today, for deceased loved ones or those sitting next to you. Feel life.


  1. Going forward, Lisa, I don't think I will be able to listen to this song without tears in my eyes. My favorite lines are: "take a man who can't walk upright and that lame man he's gonna fly!" I have tears now, just writing these words. Shortly after Susan died, her daughter Julie, my niece, had a dream. My sister had been in a wheelchair for a couple months before she died--the cancer and chemo combination trashed her stamina and balance. She also had the horrific "chemo cough" that many cancer patients suffer with, and hers got worse and worse as she got weaker, even as she never gave up trying to find some relief from it, to no avail. In Julie's dream, she heard her mom running down the hall to her bedroom. She heard her bedroom door open and she heard Susan joyfully exclaim: "I don't have that cough anymore!" Julie woke up (in the dream) to see her mom standing tall and strong with her arms out wide in the doorway, her sky-blue eyes twinkling with indefeatable triumph......

    now there's a man--or in this case, a woman--who flies!!

    This leads me to believe that the soul that knows love and spreads love is triumphant--no matter what--upon crossing that thin veil of death. And the souls of those who love her get to rise too--with the faith and knowledge that LOVE CONQUERS ALL. This helps me on my grief journey, especially while traversing the low, low valley parts.

    Thank you for your eloquent words here, Lisa, and for this and all your blog posts. You lift me up and your loving acknowledgment is deliciously affirming.

    Up again, old heart--we will all TRIUMPH and our souls will FLY in the end.

    1. Thank you Jenny for putting this into words here. I believe too that the strength of love can still connect us with loved ones who no longer walk the earth. Up again indeed!


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