A Theme Emerged, Then Was Replaced

Today I am grateful for a relaxing backyard fire last evening and the opportunity to play a little catch with a football in that same backyard with my son Sam.

The quiet from Thursday's commute home was replaced by loud music, sunshine, and windows down (at least partially) on my Friday afternoon commute. As I listened to the random songs coming along, as I flipped through satellite radio channels, a theme emerged.

It was a fitting theme for a Friday afternoon in ways. Already Gone by the Eagles. In God's Country by U2. Dizzy by Tommy Roe. The former drinker in me briefly fell back to the mindset I had on many Friday evenings in my drinking days.

To be already gone was my goal. "Pure brewed in God's country" was the slogan for the Old Style we drank because it was cheap and available. And dizzy bedspins would develop on some nights (more like early morning) when I tried to lay down.

The visit back in time was brief, then appropriately replaced by a grateful mindset. I recalled the best line ever from a song-"So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key"-from Already Gone. And gave thanks that I now know the key is in my possession, easily accessed when my eyes and heart are open.

I recalled the uncomfortable bedspins, dizziness, and rough hangovers I was afflicted with-thanks to too much Old Style, pure brewed or not- and didn't miss them one bit. Recovery and sobriety take me to far better places than alcohol ever did.

One of the last songs on my commute was Carly Simon's Anticipation. "These are the good old days" indeed. This day, this moment. Make the most of it.