Old Friends, New Time Together

Today I am grateful for our comfortable bed in our comfortable house.

I am also grateful for safe travels and the chance to see my friends Deb and Zoe on the happy occasion of Deb's daughter's wedding. 

Deb, Zoe, and I were classmates, softball teammates, and dorm floor mates at Waldorf College a mere 30 years ago. 

Here we are at the wedding on Saturday with the mother of the bride in the middle.

Looking good for our age if I don't say so myself. Much has happened in each of our lives over these years. Some of it disheartening and difficult. Some of it joyful and affirming. We don't see each other as often as we'd like, but we stay connected and that means so much to me.

Being back in Forest City, Zoe and I took a little tour of campus and town. Much has changed and much hasn't. It was inevitable that thoughts of my drinking days would come up. Deb and Zoe were two of the first people who confronted me about my drinking. Confronted me with care and concern. For that, I remain deeply grateful. Thank you both!

Old friends getting to spend new time together is always a blessing. 

Congratulations and best wishes go out to Tabitha and her new husband Andrew as they begin 
their married life together!