Participant, Coach, Spectator

Today I am grateful for the time to savor a cup of coffee and a view of the sunrise. I am also grateful for our son Sam's choice to give track a try this spring.

Yesterday was Sam's team's first meet. It was just a time trials meet, and it was a bit chilly and wet, but I appreciated being out there. Sam ran one 400 meters and was pleased with how it went. It was fun for me to see him out there. If it had been up to me, he would have been in track as early as he could-5th grade. We didn't push, though we encouraged, and as an 8th grader he decided on his own to give it a try.

His motives for being out for track are different from mine. He is doing it to get back in shape after an injury and to improve his overall athleticism. I took it far more seriously and it was about competing and pushing myself.

I spent four years in high school as a track participant. I coached it for five years when I was just out of college. I have only been to a handful of track meets since then, but I look forward to more meets as a spectator this spring.

Track and field as a participant and a coach enriched my life in significant ways. Being a spectator is less intense, but still enjoyable.

Today I will embrace moments and opportunities I find enjoyable and enriching.