From Health to Questions

Today I am grateful for the family pictures around our house. I am also grateful for fingertips that work on keyboards.

Back to that A-Z list I started yesterday:

H is for a return to physical health after having the flu.

I is for the ease of installing new printers to network with my work computer.

J is for my friend Jenny who has helped bring out the writer in me. I am keeping her and
          her family in my thoughts today as they hold her sister's funeral.

K is for our kitchen. It is currently undergoing some transformation and I miss the ease of using it.

L is for letting go of that which I can't control, which is pretty much everything beyond my
          own attitude and actions.

M is for music and how it adds to my day, especially on my commute.

N is for newness--in this day, in ideas I have, in the simplicity of a pause.

O is for the optimism created by mindful gratitude practice.

P is for the Prayer of St. Francis DeSales. Read about it here.

Q is for questions that have no real answers. They help me explore uncharted areas.

Whatever the day brings today, some quiet moments and ongoing gratitude for the opportunity to
live it as it unfolds should make for an interesting time. Onward!