The Weekend is Here!

Today I am grateful for the weekend, nice weather, and a kitchen we can use again.

Most of us our fans of the weekend. Those days when we get a break from the busy work week and
have some flexibility with our time. Those days we maybe get to sleep in a little and stay up later watching a movie.

I try to be a fan of each and every day. I don't dread one over the other. Sure I like Fridays and Saturdays, but as I have heard it said-Mondays are one-seventh of our lives. We might as well do our best to enjoy them too.

I was especially ready for this weekend though. Spring fever has set in for me, and at the school I work at. If any of you work in schools, you know what happens to energy levels when the weather gets warm and you're still a couple weeks away from spring break.

We also are able to use our kitchen again after several days of not having access to anything but the refrigerator and the necessities we had in boxes and such. It isn't entirely done, but we are sure happy with the transformed look and will appreciate when the final steps are complete.

Even though it was an inconvenience and frustrating at times this week, I thought many times how these were pretty minor obstacles in our day. I thought about the people who barely have a roof over their head and no running water or refrigeration. I can handle a little inconvenience.

The weekend is here and it begins as so many of ours do. Darcy and I will be heading out on a run date soon. The trails are clear, the sun is out, the temperature is comfortable.

I plan to soak it all up, pause from time to time, and soak some more. Have a great weekend!