Sharing Pie on Pi Day

Today I am grateful for the variety of people I have met on my journey to recover from alcoholism. I am also grateful for laughter and honest sharing.

I was hanging out with some recovery friends last evening and we decided to celebrate "Pi Day" and recovery,  and life in general, by going out for a piece of pie.

It wasn't just "Pi Day" yesterday, it was "Rounded Pi Day." What is "Pi Day?"  Since the mathematically significant number of pi is 3.14, "Pi Day" is celebrated every March 14, 3/14.  But yesterday was even more special. If you round pi to the nearest 10 thousandth, you get 3.1416. That makes for 3/14/16, and thus "Rounded Pi Day." It only happens once a century.

I had forgotten what pi even means, but I like quirky little things like this. By the way, pi represents the ratio of circumference of a circle divided by its diameter.

"Rounded Pi Day" may explain why our local Perkins was out of several types of pie by the the time we got there. And after we ordered, our server had to come back and let us know that a couple more kinds had just run out since we ordered.

We didn't mind. We were talking, sharing, laughing. The pie was just a bonus. The real gift was our time together.