What to wear? What to wear?

Today I am grateful for good finds and bargains at our favorite running shoe store. I am also grateful for forgiveness.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! I like to ponder the ideas of new life, transformations, and second chances on this day. 

You may be thinking my post title has to do with finding an outfit to wear to Easter services, but it doesn't. I am not really a dress-up sort of gal unless the occasion requires it. Today it is optional.
I will take the middle ground and wear something "nice."

This "What to wear?" is referring to running attire. We have been running long enough that we have the necessary items and can usually make pretty accurate choices related to the conditions we are about to run into. 

Rain is always a bit of a challenge though. A chilly rain even more so. That is what awaited us yesterday morning. You want to be protected from the rain but also not overdress. We have rain jackets with side vents so they worked really well. We started out in a light rain and started to get warm after the rain let up. We unzipped the side vents and stayed cool and comfortable to finish out our run. 

I felt a deep sense of gratitude for all this running gear we have. I was reminded of the closet full of seasonal clothes I have for work, leisure, and special events. I considered those who walk this planet with literally not much more than the clothes on their bodies at the time.

I paused to consider that a closet full of clothes is not a given and should be appreciated regularly.
It is that way with so much in life. Pause in this moment. See and feel and hear what really matters.