Gently Falling

Today I am grateful for my morning coffee and walking with our dog Oliver. There is comfort in predictability and routine.

Yesterday there was a brief period of light snow while I was at work. It was gently and softly falling. It was soothing just to watch it. I paused for a minute or so and took in  the scene. It was enough to help me integrate that feeling of gently falling into my day.

Gently falling snow leads to gently falling blood pressure.  To pause at any point in my day is a good thing. To be able to do it at work where I tend to get wound tighter and tighter, is a really good thing.

This morning, I can recall that feeling I had yesterday as I watched that snow fall. There was peace in that moment and there is peace in this one. It can be that simple.

Gently falling to sleep or to a more calm state are also welcome happenings. It can make such a difference in the course of my day. Even if my course gets sidetracked, a short pause can bring me back.  It does work. I practice such things as I practice mindfulness and gratitude, and I realize that progress is possible.

Today I will carry the word "gentle" with me as I interact with others and with myself.


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