Little Leo turns 1!

Today I am grateful to be a parent, stepparent, and grandmother. I am also grateful for my job and how no two days are alike.

Today is our grandson Leo's first birthday. It is hard to believe that his first year has gone by already.
I appreciate the job his mom Emily is doing as a parent and that she is also working hard in her job to be able to provide for her son and pay bills. She is a devoted and loving mother and Leo is thriving.

I am partial, but this recent picture of Leo is just too darn cute! His new bib overalls, tag still on, that precious look on his face, and him standing on his own are all adorable to me.

He has been walking for a few weeks now.  I remember holding him for the first time in the hospital and how tiny he was. Babies are an amazing reminder of the wonders of life. Being grandparents has brought Darcy and I much joy. There have been stressful times in the last year too, but things have gone better than we anticipated.  Leo helps us remember priorities and to take time to enjoy this moment.

Happy Birthday Leo! Thank you for brightening our lives! 


  1. As i commented to Darcy - cute overload! Like the price tag - is that for him or the overalls?

    1. Leo is priceless, so it must be for the bibs :-)


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