More "Ta da!" and Less "To do"

Today I am grateful for a good run yesterday morning with Darcy and some productive shopping.

I am also grateful my sister Leonice shared this tidbit yesterday...her own creation: "more ta-da and less to do." I love it and I need it! Pause. Notice. Experience the joy of a sunrise or the way the moon looks on a clear night. Consider the way the light plays through the trees and into your living room.

Admire the stunning view on your commute that has become just part of the routine and barely noticed each day. Pull up some photos from a recent trip that gave you mountain or ocean views you don't regularly get to enjoy. Realize the complexity of electricity and energy made so simple with the flip of a switch.

"Ta-da" can take human form too. Appreciate the beautiful eyes of a loved one or the soothing sound of his or her voice. Awe can be inspired in both big and small ways. It all leads us to some humility and being able to integrate the peace and grace that exist in a moment.  

Experiencing and appreciating awe opens the door to a Higher Power or Great Spirit and reminds us that we are but a part of the universe and that means we only need to do our part. It helps to prioritize too. 

If you spend a whole day checking off things on your "to do" list, you are likely missing opportunities to pause and soak up some awe. I sometimes forget that I will be more productive if I pause and re-energize that if I just keep plowing headlong into the day. It has been proven to me time and time again, but I tend to be a slow learner.

Wonderful wisdom in your words Leonice. Thank you! And it can be backed up with scientific evidence if you are interested.  Read this article from the Greater Good Science Center, or this one, for more information.

Go experience some awe today! Bring on the "ta da!"  Some of the "to do" can wait.