Politically Active

Today I am grateful for the expansive morning sky and the humility it brings. I am also grateful for the opportunity to exercise my rights as an American citizen.

Yesterday was Super Tuesday and 13 states held presidential primaries or caucuses. Minnesota, where I reside, holds caucuses. I am familiar with caucuses, having grown up in Iowa and also teaching high school social studies there for ten years. I have participated in caucuses before, but I admit not every election cycle.

I felt compelled to go this year, to do my part, to participate in our electoral process. When I taught, I encouraged students to do their part and that each individual and his/her vote matter. I emphasized the importance of being an informed citizen. I prided myself on being one such citizen.

I do admit that after I left the social studies classroom, I also left behind a bit of that drive to stay informed.  But I do try to stay tuned in enough and I catch the morning headlines on NPR often as I drive to work.

It was fun to see the good turnout at our local caucus and to hear from a variety of people. I didn't stay for the entire evening, but I cast my vote and I listened and learned a few things. I appreciated the opportunity and that I had energy remaining at the end of the day to go back out and do this.

What other opportunities, political or other, can I appreciate and take part in today and each day?