Laugh It Off

Today I am grateful for the simplicity of strength exercises like planks and push-ups. I am also grateful for the ease of email as a way to connect with others.

An email among friends yesterday was discussing laughter. At those times when I have felt down on myself and life, laughter is hard to hear. Even painful.

I know I am progressing and doing better when I can first smile, then laugh along, and
finally laugh at myself.

I can even learn to laugh something off before it takes hold in my magnifying mind. There is hope!

Today, I will look for opportunities to laugh it off. Or at least smile.


  1. I always feel that in order to really laugh, one needs to be able to really cry. Maybe it is just emotions that we need to feel.

    1. I think being able to express a range of emotions is healthy. And life will bring us that range through our various experiences. Thanks Lana!


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