Thank you Lori!

Today I am grateful for the sunshine we were treated to on our last day of spring break.

I am also grateful for the friendly face joining me in the picture below.

That smile belongs to my hair stylist Lori. She has been my stylist for nearly 15 years. For the better part of the 10 years before moving here, I had bounced around from various stylists at the chain places. I promised myself when we moved that I would find a salon and a stylist I could get to know. I called a place within walking distance of our new home and inquired if any stylists were taking new clients. That's how I ended up with Lori. 

No regrets here. She gets my hair and what I like done with it. We became friends over the years, inquiring about our families and each other's hobbies. She asks about our running. I ask about her horse, whose name I can never remember. (It's Ozzie by the way.) Our conversations are pleasant and often insightful.

I have always enjoyed our time together as she cut and styled my hair. Lori is a compassionate soul and a genuine listener. She has a good sense of humor too. I especially appreciated her kindness when she offered to come to our house to shave my head when I was undergoing chemotherapy in September of 2008. She tells me that is a memory that has stayed with her as well.

And the cool thing is Lori has many more clients like me that she has made connections with here. Some whose hair she has cut far longer than mine.

Much has happened in both of our lives over these years. Lori has found new love and is
moving to another state.

You will be missed here Lori, but I am so happy for you! Never doubt the difference you have made and the lives you have touched. Thanks for everything!