Honoring Complexity

Today I am grateful for what living life with an open mind, even some of the time, can teach me. I am also grateful for a weekend away from my job.

I came across this quote a few weeks ago:

"Honor your own complexity." (Mark Gerzon)

I have been pondering it ever since. If I am anything, I am complex. In my own opinion anyway. I have known myself for fifty years and still feel like I have so much to learn. Layers have been removed. Walls have been deconstructed. My true self has emerged. But there is plenty more to learn.
Today I look forward to that learning. There was a time I was fearful of what I would find.

When I think of complex, I think of my thoughts, my self-perception. They were so muddled and self-defeating for so long. I am very grateful I view myself in a healthier light today, which leads to viewing others and the world with a more hopeful and encouraging lens as well.

I have a range of emotions that I more fully appreciate and more readily identify. My goals and dreams are many and they motivate me. I love many and feel loved by many.

There has been much self-acceptance applied and gained as well. What a gift acceptance is. What a gift life experience is. Through the new pair of glasses my gratitude practice has given me, I honor my own complexity instead of my previous approach of fighting it.

How can you honor your own complexity today? You are worthy and deserving. We all are.