Behold Simplicity

Today I am grateful for a break from my job and for a celebration of our grandson Leo's first birthday.

I came across the word behold the other day. It is an archaic word that means the same as contemporary words like see, observe, view, witness, regard, contemplate.

Behold this moment. Witness it as it is unfolding.

Behold an updated kitchen. See the new and brighter color schemes. Regard a
fresh routine of eating breakfast sitting on new bar stools at our kitchen's bar.

Behold the view looking out our front picture window. Observe in ways we too
often fail to pause long enough to really see.

Behold the simplicity in downsizing. With work done in our kitchen, we configured some of the space differently and there is less clutter, more open space. I find that more calming and inviting.

Behold the simplicity of saying goodbye to my temperamental inkjet printer at work. Sure, it was
convenient, but it was also frustrating. We had a love-hate relationship for several years. It taught me
patience and acceptance. But now I am networked to two printers that aren't too far from my office, and I got to downsize my overly busy desk.

The printer's exit freed up some space. What I moved to that area then freed up my desk some more.
My desk is often full of piles and gets more cluttered as I go through a work day. I tidy up a bit before leaving, and then it starts all over again the next day.

Now, behold simplicity. If I can remain disciplined, I will have a more calming and inviting desk in my office too.  I appreciate the simplicity in moving a few things, throwing some things away, and finding a fresh approach to space.

I am also embracing simplicity by taking a blog break. I will be back late next week. I enjoy this blog and the writing I do for it, but it is always good to step away from time to time.

I am approaching four years of blogging and 1300 posts. Feel free to go back and peruse some of my earlier posts. That's my plan.  I know I will return with several new post ideas and renewed energy too.

Behold simplicity today. Contemplate the many gifts surrounding us all.


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