Light and Sparkles and Grace

Today I am grateful to know and feel a range of emotions. I am also grateful for a tension-relieving run after work yesterday.

On Tuesday, I blogged about a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, and about looking for light, sparkles, and grace. Here are some of the things I found over the next couple of days:

*an American flag gently blowing in the breeze
*the patterns made by some light snow on the roads and sidewalks
*our local community's four-lane bridge and the ease of traffic flow on it
*the open waters of the Mississippi River beckoning spring
*hearing Bette Midler's voice singing "The Rose"
*clouds giving way to blue sky
*the awe of the moon and stars shining in the pre-dawn sky
*the beauty of being able to put one foot in front of the other and
         get myself from point A to point B

Simple, yet profound. Basic, yet awe-inspiring. Paying attention has a way of bringing true sources of gratitude to the forefront.