Helping Out Against Breast Cancer

Today I am grateful for a healthier perspective lately when it comes to my job.

I am also grateful for Dr. Susan Love and the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. Their efforts are commendable and where they are putting time, energy, and funds to work makes sense to me. I recently did another survey for the Health of Women Study. Read about it in this post from
May of 2015:

How to Make a Difference

It just takes minutes to sign up and then you can do questionnaires and surveys that are added to a growing database hopefully taking us closer to solving the riddle of cancer, specifically breast cancer. I have done several surveys since signing up and feel like I am doing my part to help this worthy cause.

You can also read about the Army of Women in the second link listed in the post link above. Both are open to women of a wide age range as well as both those who have and have not had breast cancer.

Anyone reading this can probably list several women and men they know who have had breast cancer. Maybe it is you.

Looking for a way to help out?  Consider signing up today.  And I thank those who are already in.