An Anniversary and an Affirmation

Today I am grateful for time with family, including grandson Leo, and joyful music at Easter church services yesterday.

I am also grateful for this blog and the many ways it helps me. Yesterday marked the 4th anniversary of "Habitual Gratitude." 

I launched it with both excitement and caution on March 27, 2012 with my inaugural post. I entered new territory, raised my level of technology use and got more comfortable with the process. My blog is pretty basic in format, but I still remember the thrill of figuring things out like how to insert a picture or how to change a live link's title. 

No big deals. Not a flashy blog. But very meaningful to me. It has made me a better writer. It has given me a way to quench my previously unquenched desire to write often and beyond the journaling I was doing. It has helped me reach deeper levels of mindful gratitude, faith, and peace. 

And it has taught me much about humility and keeping my ego right-sized. 

I plan to continue this blog, but you may notice fewer posts and some shorter ones too. I still plan to post several days a week. 

I have other writing ideas and want to give them more of my time and attention.

As I pass this anniversary, I am very much affirmed of two things:

1) I am a writer.
2) Gratitude practice works.


  1. Happy anniversary! Your blog has helped me -thank you.

    1. Thanks Aileen! And thanks for being a faithful reader. Write on sister, write on!

    2. I miss your blog on the days that you don't have one. I need to practice humility. I also need to be grateful for each day that I wake up and can participate in the day. Thanks.

    3. Thank you Lana! I will still be posting most days. And you are so right about making each day a day to participate fully. That's my plan :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary Lisa. I look forward to your post each morning.

    1. Thanks Steve! This blog has taught me discipline and perseverance along with the benefits of cultivating gratitude. Let's keep up the "gratitude shared is gratitude multiplied" idea.


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