A Quicker Trip Through the Alphabet

Today I am grateful for friends, old and new. I am also grateful for a breezy, 70-degree day yesterday.

An A-Z gratitude list struck me as a good idea today. It always is. An easy way to give focus to gratitude practice; it can be done on a walk, while commuting, sitting in your favorite chair, or just about anywhere.

I won't get this trip through the alphabet done today, but I will get it started.

A for the milder air outdoors in recent days, and the fact that it is clean air.
         Also for warm applesauce.

B for bananas, my favorite fruit, and their easy convenience.
        Also for birds singing.

C for many people I care about and those who care about me too.

D for my husband Darcy and for my friend Deb-college roommate, softball
        teammate, and longtime friend. Happy Birthday to you today Deb!

E for quiet evenings and everything available for me to eat.

F for finding deeper levels of faith.

G for the continuing growth and gains garnered from gratitude practice.

What is on your gratitude list today?


  1. A is for Alaska, Alanon, Ann, Annie, Anne and alphabets. L is for for you Lisa!


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