Laying Low

Today I am grateful for the school our son Sam attends.  I am also grateful for familiar faces and friends in a crowd. 

I took this picture of our cockapoo Oliver the other day:

We were just about to leave on a few shopping errands and he seemed a little bummed that he wasn't coming. But yet, he was looking pretty relaxed and comfortable, just laying low. He does relinquish his seat on the recliner when one of us wants it, but you can clearly see this dog has his run of our house. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Oliver is being boarded for a few days because we are getting some work done in our kitchen. I have missed him in several different ways since he left. He's such a part of our family and our routine that it is different to be here without him. (Usually when we board him we are gone too.)

I miss our morning walks and his excited greeting when I get home from work. I miss his stretches, his playfulness, his predictability...where he sleeps, when he moves, what will bring him running.

Oliver quickly worked his way into our hearts when he first arrived and he's been there ever since.

See you soon Oliver!


  1. Good morning Lisa,

    That picture of Oliver is so precious. Beautiful dog! I often think about the things in life I'm thankful for. At least I try. I really haven't given much thought about what my life would be like without my dog. She follows me everywhere and when I imagined her not being there, I thought how awful that would be. Thanks for reminding me how important she really is to me.

    Have a great day!

    Diane Lynn

    1. Nice to hear from you Diane! And I agree with what you wrote on your blog--put the phones down and pay attention to the gifts of this day, this moment. Writing about gratitude amplifies it for me. Reading others' words helps too. Thanks!


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