From Readers to Zest and Zeal

Today I am grateful for time to sit quietly and for a run in the sunshine yesterday.

Let's wrap up the A-Z gratitude list I have been working on. By the way, how is your
list coming along?

R is for being able to read. And for all of you-my blog readers. Thanks!

S is for my son Sam. Being a mother is such a journey.

T is for talking in person. (Texts, emails, and phone calls all work,
          but face-to-face, when possible, is what I prefer.)

U is for the uplift that gratitude practice gives me.

V is for the variety of vegetables I enjoy eating. (Peas are my favorite.)

W is for the wisdom I hear from others in recovery. They trust and share
          openly and I learn and gain more hope.

X is for eXtra special memories I cherish. A picture, a thought, a voice
          can bring them to my mind's eye and my heart.

Y is for saying "yes to life!" when for so long I was stuck in self-hatred.

Z is for zest and zeal to bring into this day. Energy and optimism beat
           feeling depleted and pessimistic. And they are more fun.

Onward into this day! 


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