Walking By Your Side

Today I am grateful for a cooling breeze on a warm day, a challenging but satisfying bike ride with Darcy yesterday, and a nice Mother's Day.

We wound down yesterday with a walk together. Darcy, Sam, our dog Oliver, and I walked in the early evening. It isn't often that we all share a walk and talk. It was a nice Mother's Day gift for me.
The weather was warm, the breeze helpful, and the look on Oliver's face and the spring in his step seemed to be saying "Cool! We are all walking together."

It wasn't a long walk. We talked about random things and laughed at Oliver. I thought about how quickly the years have gone since I became Sam's mom. From stroller walks, to beginner bicycle rides, to a treat on a special day; our walks together have been many.

I appreciate that Sam is a good sport and joins in for these requests, even when his teen mind maybe wishes he were elsewhere. I thought about the simple pleasure, comfort, and gratitude I could feel in a short walk with my son and husband.

And I also thought about how I will always walk by my son's side, if not literally, then at least figuratively. What blessings in all of it; to be able to walk and to have people I care about to walk with.

Have a good day! Keep walking. Keep caring.