Open to Receiving

Today I am grateful for the daily reminders I get that I am but one small part of a larger, greater whole. I am also grateful for my five senses, especially hearing and taste this morning.

As I continue to practice new meditations in the mornings, I am left feeling more aware and open. Open to receiving. Receiving energy and clarity. Receiving grace and direction. Receiving support and encouragement.

Open to receiving is a good starting point to each day, each new moment, each new task. Sometimes the clarity is tough, the emotions raw. Sometimes I feel unworthy or undeserving of support offered.
My rational mind knows this is my humanness showing. I try to accept and move on.

Returning to open-mindedness and an open heart is aided by quiet and by seeking gratitude. I find it in the birds I hear singing. In the soft sounds of my husband's breathing as he sleeps. In the first sips of freshly-brewed coffee. In the wise and kind words of my sister and a friend in two emails awaiting me this morning.

When I am open to receiving, I get what I need and more. I also am better able to give, to be of service, to support and encourage others.

Today I am tired after a fitful night of sleep. I am drained from a busy and full school year. I am tapped out on some levels. But I remain open, and therefore hopeful, as this day begins.