Let There Be Cake!

Today I am grateful for my workplace and the people I share it with. I appreciate the good company, good food, and good evening shared with colleagues and spouses last evening.

I am also grateful for my sweet tooth.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I like my sweets, especially chocolate and ice cream. I have always had a sweet tooth. Not always the healthiest, but I can easily justify it for several reasons. Better to get my sugar in some cake than in some alcohol. (Those in early sobriety are encouraged to have sweets around to help them through cravings.)

I put on many steps each day, and many miles on some days, between my walking and running. I earn a treat or two.

Okay, truth be told, yesterday I had more than a treat or two. Somebody said "let there be cake" and there was. There was cake as a thank you from a co-worker and her daughter who is graduating this year. There was cake for another co-worker to celebrate the successful completion of her degree program. And there was cake for dessert last night at our staff recognition dinner.

Yes, I had some of all three. No, I don't feel guilty. I enjoyed every bite and the people I shared the cake with.

"Let there be cake!"  Today, I will lay off the sweets, but I won't lay off gratitude and the many reasons to feel appreciative.