An Emotional Mother's Day

Today I am grateful for my mom and the opportunity to be a mom and stepmom. I have learned much from my mom and from being a mom. Lessons you can only learn by experiencing them.

I am also grateful for the little squirrel that just ventured on to our front porch where I am sitting, reminding me of the mothers of all creatures.

I am especially thinking of my mom on this Mother's Day, two days before she moves into the nursing home in our hometown. I so appreciate that she was able to make this decision herself and that there is quality care nearby. I am surprised by the myriad emotions I am feeling, and I know other family members are experiencing as well. They range from relief to sadness and many more.

I am thinking of my friend Sheila who is just weeks away from her eldest daughter graduating from high school and just weeks out from the death of her youngest daughter. What a range of emotions she must be feeling.

And I close, so very thankful to be a mom and stepmom myself. Here are Sam and I just yesterday.
I am proud of this young man and blessed to be his mom. I am also proud of my stepchildren Arthur and Emily; the adults they have become, their hard work, and the obstacles they have overcome. I am excited for our growing family. I love you all.

Happy Mother's Day! Treat this day as the gift it is. 


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