1,600 Ways

Today I am grateful for the spectrum of emotions I can feel and identify. That wasn't always the case.
I am also grateful for birds that greet each day with song. It's an appropriate welcome.

I am thinking of my mom and my 12 siblings as Mom prepares to transition to a nursing home in the next week. I am thinking of so many others on the receiving end of my ongoing thoughts and prayers.

In the midst of busy times and a lot of emotions swirling about, I cruised right past post #1600 on "Habitual Gratitude." I have made a tradition of marking every 100 posts. Technically, today is post #1604, so I am a little late this time around. Not that I am a technical sort. (Just ask my sisters about my nickname growing up.)

When I looked, I realized that post #1600 was titled "Bolstered by Gratitude." That title alone does an adequate job of summarizing what this blog does for me. Writing about gratitude regularly, and giving my heart and mind this daily outlet, indeed boosts me in many ways.

In more than 1,600 different ways on 1,600 days, I have expressed gratitude. Some days it flows. Other days it trickles. Rarely does it dry up. None of it would be happening if it weren't for the love and support of people who helped me when I couldn't help myself. Some of those people are the same ones now on the top of my prayer list.

I am sure I drank well over 1,600 servings of alcohol in my drinking days. It was never enough. That is the nature of alcoholism.

I reached 1,600 posts one word, one sentence, one post at a time. I breathe 1,600 breaths in a couple hours of my day. I cover 1,600 steps and many more in a typical day. I am blessed with air to breathe and physical capabilities, both of which I choose to acknowledge with gratefulness in this moment.

The nature of practicing gratitude is that a simple pause is enough to help me realize I am blessed with more than enough.


  1. Way to go Lisa! It's too bad you aren't at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...
    I am grateful for your focus on gratitude. It has helped me in many ways. Write on!


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