Little Guy, Big Energy

Today I am grateful for time with our grandson Leo and a bike ride at dusk last evening.

On that bike ride, a deer and I crossed paths and spent a few seconds looking at each other from just a few feet away. I was reminded of the awe of all creation. Then the deer darted off through the trees and I continued down the trail. I also appreciated the fragrant smell of various spring blossoms on my short bike ride.

Then there's this little guy. Our grandson Leo. He and his mom Emily were over last evening too. Leo and I spent some time together running around the backyard, walking Oliver, and going down the slide at the neighborhood park.

He brings such a precious energy to all he does. His curiosity and wonder remind me that there is much to notice and be grateful for right here, right now.

Thank you Leo! Have a good day all! 


  1. So true... to be present like a child is a good standard to shoot for.

    1. Right here, right now is all they know. That can sure be a good thing☮️


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