Buffeted by Winds

Today I am grateful for safe travels and a pleasant visit with family this weekend.

We celebrated at a bridal shower for my niece Kiane on Saturday. Her and her fiancé Brad get married two months from today. Exciting times for them!

Exciting times for some, painfully difficult times for others. That is the way life is. And with the large family I have, there is usually some of both going on. Add in friends, co-workers, recovery connections, and others I care about, and there is more of the same. Joys to celebrate. Heartbreaks to endure.

As I ran in a stiff and chilly wind yesterday morning, the word buffeted came to mind. Battered. Pounded. Lashed. It's a fitting word when it comes to wind, and also to tough times in life. I am thinking of those I know who are being buffeted by much more than wind lately. Profound loss. Large fears. Significant pain. Uncertainty. Health concerns. And more.

I ran into that wind and felt it on my face and pushing against my strides. But I ran on. I was able to keep going. The run strengthened me. I hope my thoughts, prayers, phone calls, well wishes, and other forms of support are bringing some hope and strength to others.

I sought the challenge of running in the wind. I am deeply grateful to be physically able to do it.
Others didn't ask for the buffeting they are receiving. But they also don't need to ask for our support. Here it is, today and every day.