Buffered by Faith

Today I am grateful for the strength that can be drawn from faith. I am also grateful for my mom, my brothers and sisters, and my extended family.

Yesterday I wrote about being buffeted by life's winds. The breezes and gales of life can really lash and batter at times. Yet, we can be buffered by faith in minor and significant ways as well. Faith can meet the most difficult of challenges and shore us up.

Buffered: shielded, protected, cushioned, insulated. Buffered doesn't mean we will avoid and avert the buffeting, it means we will survive it. We may come out a little tattered, a little worn, but we will also come out surviving and moving forward.

I believe in faith, and that is all I need to start. Belief in compassion, hope, and support beyond my limited human capacity. Help for others, help for myself. For the taking if I but seek it out.

There is solace in faith. Sometimes it is the only solace. It is enough.