Nine Years

Today I am grateful for reminders to stay present and for my son Sam. I am also deeply grateful to be nine years out from first hearing the words "You have cancer."

Yesterday marked that ninth anniversary: May 29, 2008. As I wrote about last year, I was a few hours into my day yesterday before I recalled the significance of the date. Yet, cancer has left an indelible mark on me and many people I care about.

Nine thoughts and gratitudes on nine years of living as a breast cancer survivor:

1. How many women never got nine years?  Appreciate today Lisa.

2. How could nine years go so fast? Slow down today Lisa.

3. My physical scars are part of me. I honor them with a hand on my heart.

4. Emotional healing for me happened long ago. And yet still continues.

5. Fear will come and go. Don't let it linger Lisa. Have faith.

6. The love and support of my husband Darcy have helped me in
so many ways. Thank you dear!

7. My goal of being able to keep running, and without pain, continues to be met.

8. Cancer has been a catalyst in my life. Not a gift, a catalyst to keep me moving
and writing and living and loving.

9. Cancer or no cancer, all any of us have is today. Make it a good day!

I am thinking especially today of my sisters and friends who are also gratefully
adding up years of breast cancer survivorship. Onward!

And for my sister Leonice, currently undergoing treatment for endometrial cancer:
Thinking of you today and every day in these early weeks since you heard the words
"You have cancer."  Sending you strength, positive energy, and love. Your days of
survivorship are already adding up.