Bolstered by Gratitude

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to witness a beautiful sunrise and also for the conversation I had with my sister Leonice yesterday.

Buffeted by challenges. Buffered by faith. Bolstered by gratitude. If I keep building the buffers of faith and gratitude in my daily life, I can weather the buffeting that comes.  I believe this. I have experienced it.

Daily habits and practice are the best ways I know to bolster faith and gratitude. The way my mind works, it would quickly push both of these healthy and healing thoughts out and replace them with incessant negative ones.

And so I bolster. Strengthen. Fortify. Renew. Boost.

Prayer on my knees. Pen to paper with two gratitudes each morning in my gratitude journal. This blog. Quiet time on my commutes. Mindful walks. Tuning into my senses. New meditation practices.
A squeeze of my "gratitude" rock before bed as I consider the best part of my day.

These and more serve to boost and bolster my belief that today can be a good day, regardless of what does or does not come my way. Faith and gratitude bolster my perception of self and surrounding world in ways that help me see the beauty and the peace, even if just briefly in pauses.

What will you do today to bolster your faith and gratitude?


  1. Nice to see your daily practices Lisa. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It continues to amaze me how brief moments to take simple actions can help each day go better, can help keep my mindset on the right track. Thanks Steve!

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