Peeling Away

Today I am grateful for the energy gained when I pause to meditate. I am also grateful for my favorite  fruit--bananas.

Simple, easy bananas. Peel and enjoy. I have eaten thousands of bananas and often don't even think about it. Today, I thought about what else I sometimes need to peel away besides the skin of bananas.

Some days I need to peel away negative and obsessive thoughts that have taken hold and are cluttering my mind. They often have to do with my job, especially this time of the year, but can stem from many sources including family, friends, recovery, writing pursuits.

Pause and peel away the thoughts that are getting in the way of peace and serenity. Easier said than done. Yet, I am making progress. The recent book discussion with co-workers and more meditation practice have helped me do some more mental exercises that allow me to stop the runaway train sooner.

Some days I need to peel away the obstructions that seem to be in front of my eyes and blocking my heart. They are invisible but very real. Tunnel vision. Narrow thinking. Fear. Ego. Worry. Self-righteous anger.

No matter what I may need to peel away to get at the heart and soul of life, it starts with a mindful pause and gratefulness.

Pause. Pay attention. Peel away. Repeat. Enjoy the moment.