In Her Shoes

Today I am grateful for laughter and hope among recovery friends. I am also grateful for my siblings and others who will be helping my mom move into the nursing home today.

I have been doing more meditation practice in recent weeks, thanks to a book study and fellow mindfulness seekers. The practices I have done have brought me peace and calm when I am able to do them. This at a time when my emotions have been anything but peaceful and calm much of the time.

My mom woke up today knowing that she would be sleeping in a new bed tonight, that she would be leaving the home she has known for 36 years. It has to be a difficult spot to be in, this time of transition. Not just any transition, but transition late in life, when it can be even more difficult.

It is in her best interest and the right thing to be happening. It is emotional for her children, grandchildren and others. But mainly for her. Like the rest of us, she is probably wondering what the next weeks and months will be like. As she has said herself in recent conversations, we'll just have to take it a day at a time.

None of us is in Mom's shoes today, but she is certainly in our hearts and prayers. Love and hugs to you Mom.