Today I am grateful for safe travels, time with my mom in her new home, conversation with my niece Katie, and a half-marathon in the light rain yesterday.

I am grateful for the many conversations, in person, on the phone, and via text messages, that have helped me process many thoughts and feelings in recent weeks. Thank you to all who have listened.

It is helpful for me to talk through things. Along with writing, it is most effective in helping me work through my own perspectives on life as it unfolds. And life has been unfolding in ways unforeseen lately.

I took this first picture at Mom's house on Saturday morning. It shows the empty space where her glider rocker was for many years. It also goes right through the hall and into her bedroom, the room she slept in for 36 years, alone since Dad died in 1998.

It was a new perspective for me. Seeing the chair gone. Seeing the bed that she won't be sleeping in anymore. Friday night and Saturday, I saw Mom in her new room at the Ossian Senior Hospice. Her chair is there, a comfort to her and to me. Her bed is new to her. The view out the window is new to her too, but I appreciate that she has the space right by the window. I think she likes that.

Her new routine and living space must be given a period of adjustment. For her and for each of us, her children and grandchildren. New perspectives await.

I took this second picture yesterday morning, before Darcy and I embarked on a half-marathon journey. It was a local race among apple orchard country and full of many hills. Hills give me perspective, whether I like it or not.

My feet have carried me many, many miles over the years, on runs and just daily activity. They help bring me perspective because as I move, my feet seem to help carry my mind to clarity. Thank you feet!

Have a good day and keep a grateful perspective. It changes the view. 


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