Quiet Places

Today I am grateful for cereal and warm milk. I am also grateful for rest in a comfortable bed with my husband Darcy beside me.

I was talking with my friend Dorothy the other evening. She used the words "quiet places" and they stuck with me.

Quiet places can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.  Quiet places are nourishing. They can be experienced through any or all of our senses. Quiet places can be touched in our hearts, souls, and minds.

Some of my favorite quiet places don't require lack of sound. The sounds of nature and day-to-day living are comforting to me. Good quiet places for me are free of the negative and constant train of thoughts that can sometimes derail me.

Pauses. Daily recovery work. Exercise. Writing. Prayers. Talking and sharing with others. Gratitude practice. All of these help quiet my thoughts.

Here's hoping we can all find at least a little peace in some of our own quiet places today.