Right In Front and Within

Today I am grateful for the connections I have with other women and men in recovery from alcoholism and other addictions.

I am also grateful for the joylet last evening of watching our grandson Leo chase bubbles around our backyard.

Joylets come and go throughout each day of our lives. I miss many of them, but like Leo caught a few bubbles last evening, I catch at least a few moments of joy each day. And on some days, it is a steady stream.

On those days, I am present in the here and now, I am paying attention to the riches right in front of me and within me. When I do that, I am so much more likely to notice each of you and your gifts as well.

Thank you Guri Mehta for this spot-on quote:

Grateful living is important in the world because in our constant pursuit 
of more and better we can easily lose sight of the riches 
that lay right in front of us and within us. 

May we each find moments to pause today. Moments to notice what is right in front and within.
And then may we say some genuine thank yous.