Live Stream Some Acceptance

Today I am grateful for good vision insurance and a venting conversation with my friend Jill.

Live stream is carrying a couple meanings for me today. I appreciate that I can watch my niece compete at the Iowa state high school track meet from across the miles. She ran very well yesterday and will compete in the Class 2A finals of the 100 meter dash tomorrow. Way to go Ellie! Good luck to you and your distance medley relay teammates today too.

I needed to live stream some acceptance yesterday too. I had an appointment at the eye doctor later in the afternoon. It took much longer than I thought it would. My eyes were a little funky from drops and dilation. I missed seeing the live stream of Ellie running one of her events too. I was frustrated and disappointed, and already emotionally exhausted from a week of many emotions.

I had choices. I could keep spiraling downward or try to pull myself back to the present. Pulling doesn't sound very peaceful, but sometimes that is what is needed. Was I successful? I did the best I could and didn't beat myself up over it. 

Live streaming acceptance versus getting mired in a stagnant pool of negative emotions?  Today I
will seek a steady flow of acceptance, moment by moment.