Chemo Sisters

Today I am grateful for cleansing tears, caring friends, and compassionate dogs. I am also grateful for the advances in cancer treatment and chemotherapy options, as well as medications that can help reduce side effects of chemo.

Later this morning my sister Leonice begins chemotherapy to treat the endometrial cancer she has been diagnosed with. She becomes the fourth sister in my family to undergo chemo.

Growing up the youngest of the eight sisters in our family of 13 children, there were certainly ways I wanted to be like my older sisters. But none of us wanted to share this cancer sh**!

Zita had chemotherapy in 2004 for breast cancer, I had it in 2008 for breast cancer, and Mary Jo underwent chemo in 2010 for lung cancer. Enough already. This club doesn't need more members.

I have been in Leonice's shoes. The night before chemo starts and so many unknowns in this new territory of cancer land. Many of those unknowns and questions will be faced today and in the coming weeks. Chemo hits everyone a little differently, but hit it does.

When Leonice and I spoke last evening across the miles--her in Oregon, me in Minnesota--I shared one of the thoughts I had when I started chemo and one that I continued to apply as each treatment got started.

That thought was addressed to the chemo drugs and went something like: "If there are any random cancer cells roaming around my body, go get 'em!" Or as we used to say on the farm "sic 'em!"

Sending you strength and positive vibes today Leonice.

To any roaming cancer cells: "You're going down!"

To the chemo drugs: "Go get 'em! Sic 'em!"


  1. Please let Leonice that she is in my thoughts and prayers. I know she will be a fighter just like her sisters, plus she has a great support crew behind her.

    1. Thanks Lori! Cancer is best approached with an army of support and many prayers.

  2. The thought that gives me hope about my dear friend, soul sister and cousin Leonice is that she comes from a family with the genes to SURVIVE! Thanks for the great post, Lisa. Sic'em!

    1. Thank you Sue! Those are your genes too, and what also gives me hope is people like you contributing your positive energy to this army of support :-)


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