Kind Attention

Today I am grateful for the kindness and compassion others have shown me in recent weeks. I am also grateful for a phone conversation with my mom and a text from my sister.

Life is about connections with others. I am blessed with many strong and meaningful connections.

I came across TEDx Shauna Shapiro: The Power of Mindfulness in one of the email newsletters I get. This one was from Dr. Rick Hanson. Thank you Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Hanson.

I encourage you to watch and listen to this 13-minute video and see what you take away.

Here are some of the things I gleaned from my first two views/listens:

*What we practice grows stronger.

*Shame doesn't work. It shuts down the parts of our brain needed for change.

*Mindfulness works.

*Mindfulness is intentionally paying attention with kindness.

*Kind attention takes practice. Lots of practice.

*Transformation is possible.

*If I practice mindfulness, without judging myself, my ability to be mindful gets

If you listen to the end, perhaps you will consider putting your hand on your own heart and trying this simple exercise below for yourself. 

"Good morning Lisa."

"Good morning, I love you Lisa."