Permission to Practice

Today I am grateful for a walk and conversation with my friend Jenny, a relaxing head rub from my husband Darcy, and the opportunity to practice meditation.

Birthday wishes to the eldest of my siblings, Linus, who celebrates today!

A big thank you also goes out to my friend and co-worker Kelly for pulling together a book discussion group focused on Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World." I appreciate all who have come to our first two meetings.

The book gives many ideas and provides audio meditation tracks that we have listened to as a group, and that I have tried on my own at home a few times as well.

Though I have a number of healthy practices to incorporate mindfulness and gratitude into my daily life, I have always struggled with the breathing and meditation techniques. Struggling to find the time. Struggling to quiet my mind enough to gain new awareness. Struggling for consistency.

This book and our shared discussions and practice are allowing me permission to try. That's all. Try the techniques when I am able. Don't beat myself up when it doesn't fit in a day.

The several times I have listened and participated in the meditation have been beneficial. I feel a difference in my pace and in my approach to the day. The heaviness that has been swarming around for weeks, because of so much pain and fear and worry about so many people I care about, is a little lighter.

A little lighter means more energy to give back throughout the day.

Let's each give ourselves permission to practice healthy choices today. Onward!