Sometimes there are no words . . .

Today I am grateful for the many ways compassion, care, and concern show themselves in human relationships, in both everyday and extreme circumstances.

My heart, and my thoughts and prayers, continue to go out to my dear friend Sheila, her husband Dave, and daughter Katie. They have suffered an unfathomable loss.

In the words of their daughter and sister Carli's obituary:

"Despite the best efforts of her family, teachers, and professionals, Carli lost her battle with depression and ended her own life."

She had just turned 14.

Incomprehensible grief. Deep despair and devastation.

I appreciate the respectful openness in these words:

"While we may never be able to make sense of Carli's tragic death, it is her family's deepest desire that those who were touched by Carli's life talk openly about suicide, and learn more about this disease."

Sometimes there are no words.

But there is always enough love and support. Let's keep sending both this family's way.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    No words indeed for such unfathomable heartache. I, too, appreciate the openness in their words. Suicide is a word that needs to be said and a topic that needs to be openly discussed. I don't know if it's possible to send love and support to a family who doesn't know I exist, but if it is, I'm sending both. xx

    1. Thank you Nancy. I think any love and support sincerely sent out to the world makes a difference.


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