Humbled by Humility

Today I am grateful for my sister's successful surgery and for an ice cream stop with my husband last evening at our favorite local place.

I am also grateful for the better understanding of humility I have today.

Humility. It is instrumental in recovery from alcoholism or any addiction. Addiction's very nature is to be selfish and self-absorbing. That is what allows it to keep feeding itself and killing the addict. Recovery can only take hold when someone's ego becomes right-sized and less inflated by justification, rationalization, and denial.

My favorite definition of humility is this one:

"Humility isn't thinking less of myself, rather thinking of myself less."

There was a time when my best thinking did nothing but keep me stuck. Today, I can keep my thinking more productive and clarifying, which leads to more helpful actions I can take to contribute to the stream of life.

Thankfully, healthy humility is also produced through regular practice of gratitude. The very nature of gratefulness helps us see beyond our own limited view. It helps me see the wider world and the work of a Great Spirit, reminding me of my own insignificance while at the same time showing me how blessed I am.

The humble practice of appreciation is my goal today and every day. I will never perfect it. That's not the point. The point is to continue the humble practice.