Today I am grateful for safe travels, for my family, for friends old and new. I am grateful I had the time and resources to take me to a friend in need.

I spent time alone in recent days as a solo traveler. I typically don't mind time to myself, and as an introvert I need it. But it was out of my comfort zone on some parts of my recent trip, like driving in the Chicago area.

I was never alone in my rental car though. I had a couple passengers on short trips. I had my talking phone directing me quite effectively. And I always had faith in my Higher Power.

Sheila, Dave, and Katie are not alone in that they have so many sources of support. So many people willing to help in any way they can. So many who will be loving them, praying for them, as they move forward to grieve and to keep living.

And yet, parts of their journeys in the days, weeks, and months ahead will need to be taken alone.
That is the way grief is. Time alone, but never lacking the love, care, and concern of those of us who know you. Faith and hope will show up in many ways.


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