Silent Gratitude

Today I am grateful for fellow breast cancer survivors who continue to share their experiences, strength, and hope with me. I am also grateful for the words "Thank you!"

I certainly appreciate hearing or reading a sincere "thank you" from others. And I do what I can to share those same "thank yous" with others.

Consider these words:
"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone. "

This quote is attributed to both Gertrude Stein and G.B. Stern. To whoever wrote it, I say thank you!

Gratitude shared is gratitude multiplied. Saying the words out loud or writing them with pen or keyboard magnifies the appreciation. Gratitude felt at a deeper level, and received by others as a sincere gesture, is healthy and fortifying for all involved.

I do also believe, however, that silent gratitude has a place as well. Places really. Those places are my heart, soul, and mind on a daily basis. Gratefulness first experienced in a silent pause is gratefulness more likely to be both internalized and externalized.

Wherever your gratitude resides today, consider sharing it.


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