Sitting Between

Today I am grateful for the beautiful weather that fell on the weekend so we could enjoy it more fully. I am also grateful for the hope and healing that can happen under any circumstances.

I am especially thinking today of friends and family who are facing difficult days, from grieving the death of a child to awaiting pathology results. Hope and healing.

I am sitting in one of my favorite places-our front patio on a beautiful morning. Thank you to my husband Darcy for making it our own little peaceful haven to enjoy. The birds are singing. The soothing sound of the fountain and running water joins in. The sky is transforming. It all energizes me.

Sitting between dawn and daylight-one of my favorite times of the day. In a few minutes, I will shift gears, go get ready for work, drive 25 miles, and head into what will be a busy day at school.

Sitting between calm and hectic, between simply being and too much doing. I will enjoy the being a bit longer. It will help me keep a more sane and human tempo the rest of the day.


  1. Your front patio is lovely. Nicely said.

    1. It has become one of my favorite places and inspiring as well. The sitting sure helps too :-)


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