A Short List Long on Gratitude

Today I am grateful for my eyesight and hearing. Each helped me enjoy a beautiful day yesterday, including blue skies and singing birds.

There are many ways I incorporate gratitude practice into my days. I encourage everyone to try some different ways and land on those that work best for their routine and approach.

I journal daily, and use other practices in various ways throughout the week. These include this blog, A-Z lists, a gratitude stone, 3 x 3 (3 things I am grateful for and 3 reasons why for each), contributing to Daily Gratitudes as well as reading other people's lists, and more.

A simple one that can be done to end a day or reflect back on the previous day is simply listing 10 things appreciated about the day.  Here is my list from yesterday:

1. Enjoying the arrival of daylight with a cup of coffee and time to pause and take it in.

2. A good training run with my husband Darcy and getting back out on trails we haven't been on for a few months.

3. Being able to take that run with shorts and a single layer on top. My legs said thank you for the fresh air.

4. My running shoes and how they protect my legs and the rest of my body. I am not sore at all today.

5. A phone conversation with my cousin Julie. I have missed talking with her.

6. Poems that formed in my head and on paper as the day went on.

7. A satisfying plate of nachos at one of my favorite local restaurants.

8. Darcy, Sam, and I all working together to get our front and back patios ready for the outdoor season.

9. Sitting on new chairs with Darcy and enjoying the fruits of our labor and the soothing sound of water in fountains.

10. A phone conversation with my mom and the realizations she is reaching.