5 x 2 = 52

Today I am grateful for my husband Darcy and for our marriage. I am also grateful for each of my 12 siblings.

Today is Darcy's 52nd birthday. He is just a few months older than me. We both marvel at how quickly the decades have passed. And how very blessed we have been and continue to be in so many ways.

Darcy is a true blessing in my life in a multitude of ways. I could list 52 of them, but it might make this post a little long. So I will take the 5 and 2 and make a 5 x 2 instead.

Five things I appreciate about Darcy and 2 reasons why for each:

1. Darcy loves me as I am. 
a. Understanding my moods and moodiness, he knows when to tune me out and when
to help me out.
b. As cancer changed my body, and now aging, he has helped me accept my physical being.

2. He is always thinking about our house and yard.
a. He works hard to make our outdoor space inviting and comfortable.
b. He plans ahead for us to be able to have house projects done to keep things updated.

3. He is a grounded and supportive force in the lives of his children and 
grandson (soon to be 2 grandsons.)
a. Nothing is more important to him than us, his family, and he is ever devoted to healthy and helpful
communicating and relating to Arthur, Emily, and Sam.
b. Even with some lacking in his relationship with his own father, he worked hard to overcome that, and he clearly broke a pattern that needed breaking and created a new mold.

4. He likes to plan meals.
a. Finding new recipes and trying them is not something I have time or energy for. He does, and the rest of us enjoy the benefits.
b. As he tries to reduce elevated cholesterol and stay healthy, we all also reap the benefits of tasty low-calorie food.

5. Darcy remains committed to running a marathon a year.
a. This helps me stay motivated and gives us quality time together.
b. It gives us both energy to enjoy a full and rich life together.

Happy Birthday Darcy! I love you 💞


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